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  Early Childhood Learning Center

Our Program begins in our Toddler Learning Center (TLC)

Whether you have an infant, a toddler that is walking or one that is ready to transition to our preschool program, we have a class designed for you and your little one.

Our infant/toddler classes meet either once or twice each week depending on the age of your child. In addition to being a place where lasting friendships are formed, our classes are designed to serve as a source of parent education. All this takes place in a safe, nurturing and supervised environment planned to enhance and promote your child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth.



During class time parents are able to observe and interact with their children and participate in group discussions on parenting and child development. This is a wonderful opportunity to share concerns and experiences in informal conversation with other parents and our parent education specialist.
As your child grows and develops so will their program. We offer both indoor and outdoor playtime, storytelling, music, arts & crafts and puppets. Snack is included. Each Friday morning, our Rabbi and Cantor will welcome Shabbat through music and song with you and your little one.    
Please call or email for day and time of the TLC class age appropriate for your child.    
Toddlers graduate to our Pre-School Program
We are proud to offer a program that balances Judaic teachings and traditions with a developmentally appropriate early childhood curriculum that is fun, exciting and challenging. Our belief is that experience is not the best teacher it is the ONLY teacher. Jewish songs as well as arts and crafts enhance the creative growth of each individual child. Shabbat and holidays are special times to celebrate with joy!
Ilanot - This class is for our youngest preschoolers (2 years). Recognizing that each child may be at a different developmental stage, we do not require that your child be potty-trained. Although many children enter the preschool from our Transition Class, some may not; a great deal of sensitivity is used during the separation process as we understand this may be your child's first experience away from you. In a setting that allows your child to feel both secure and stimulated, centers are set up in the classrooms that incorporate colors and shapes. Puzzles and manipulatives are available to enhance hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills. Dramatic play is an important part of our curriculum at this age as well as in the older classes. As your child grows and matures, he/she will become more independent, assume simple responsibilities and continue to build a positive self-image. In Ilanot, you are likely to find: "feet painting", water/rice tables, "cooking", dress-up and children enjoying the wonder of making play dough.  

Broshim - Building on the foundation the children received in our Ilanot class, they will be challenged in a way that is fun, exciting and critical towards a path of life-long learning. In classrooms filled with music and laughter, children continue to grow socially, emotionally and cognitively. During this year, more concentration will be given to letters and numbers as well as fine motor skills. Creative ways of teaching are implemented in all of our classrooms. In Broshim, you are likely to find: "self-portraits", journal writing, "cooking", dramatic play and children enjoying the art of making play dough.    
Gesher - Our award-winning transitional kindergarten program will give your child the skills, knowledge and self-confidence to enter the kindergarten of choice. This class will continue to challenge the abilities of our four and five year olds in a fun and exciting way. This is an academic curriculum woven into a developmentally appropriate, loving, nurturing and non-threatening environment. In Gesher, you are likely to find: hands-on learning experiences, lots of cutting, math through "shopping games", children beginning to read and children enjoying the science of making play dough.    
Many optional enrichment classes are offered in the afternoons for those ready to have even more fun. Different classes are offered each day and the school year is divided into sessions. Each session will bring a change in the schedule of enrichment classes. Classes offered may include: cooking, computers, science, wood-working, Hebrew, musical theater, gymnastics, yoga, music, various sports classes, sculpture and story-telling.
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