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ECLC Classes and Programs

Preschool Overview

We are proud to offer a program that balances a developmentally-appropriate early-childhood curriculum that is fun and challenging with Judaic teachings and traditions. Jewish songs as well as arts and crafts enhance each child’s creative growth daily, while Shabbat and holidays are special times celebrated with joy.

The program is divided into several classes and options.

Butterflies (15-24 months)

The Butterfly Class is specifically designed for our first-year and youngest preschoolers and their parents. This class will help you and your child become familiar with coming to school before they are eligible to stay the day on their own. Through the incorporation of art, sensory, play on our sand yard, songs, and socialization, the Butterfly Class provides a balanced program and aids in easing into the world of preschool. Parent participation is required for this class, so get ready to have some fun!

Monkeys & Bears (2-3 years)

Once your child is 24 months old, they are eligible for drop off at preschool! Recognizing that each child may be at a different developmental stage, we do not require that your child be potty-trained and the teachers will happily assist in this process. As we understand this may be your child’s first experience in school, a great deal of sensitivity is used during the separation process in a setting that allows your child to feel secure, safe and stimulated. As part of the daily curriculum, your child will be exposed to age-appropriate activities, specifically designed to develop and enhance fine and gross motor skills. Imaginative play is an important part of our curriculum for this age and will be just as encouraged as your child grows through the school and into the older classes. Throughout the first year of preschool your child will become more independent, assume simple responsibilities and continue to build upon a positive self-image creating a positive and happy community environment in which they will thrive and establish a love for learning and school at a young age.

Giraffes & Zebras (3-4 years)

Building on the foundation the children receive in our younger classes, they will be challenged in a way that is fun, exciting and critical that guides them toward a path of life-long learning. In classrooms filled with music and laughter, teachers utilize creative methods to further the children’s social, emotional, and cognitive growth. During this year, more attention is devoted to letters and numbers as well as fine motor skills, balance and coordination. The children begin to develop a sense of teamwork through small group projects, large class murals, performances and collaborative play. The teachers provide an environment full of creativity and encourage each moment to be a teachable one.

Gesher Lions and Tigers (4 + up  Pre-Kindergarten)

The big kids on the block…. Our pre-kindergarten program will give your child the tools, skills, knowledge and self-confidence to enter the kindergarten of choice. This class will challenge the children in a manner where learning is always fun and all around you. Each thematic unit will take the child on an adventure and immerse them in the wonderful world of learning. The children will be exposed to science, art, literacy, global awareness, music and much more! Additionally, through our close relationship with the clergy, a love for music will also be fostered throughout the year with weekly visits from our fantastic cantor. In collaboration with the classroom teachers, Cantor Kerith Spencer-Shapiro has specifically designed a music program for our preschoolers! In Gesher, children are exposed to many hands-on learning experiences and remember - every moment is always a teachable one!

Enrichment Classes

ECLC provides a wide variety of optional enrichment classes to enhance the learning experience. These programs are designed to engage your child physically, academically, cognitively and completely. Some of the programs offered include: soccer, basketball, hip hop/ballet, Israeli dance, science/bugs, storybook art, jewelry, Spanish, Hebrew, woodworking, nature exploration, cooking, yoga, gymnastics, sculpture, and many more!

Year-Round Programming

Our school is open year-round, offering programs in which your child will learn, laugh and grow, for more information and to register click here to contact the Early Childhood Learning Center office. Summer camp is a fun and enriching experience, with water play, special activities and shows, theme weeks and much more. Summer camp enrollment opens in April 2019. Spring Break Mini-Camp is one week.

Outdoor Classroom

University Synagogue’s Early Childhood Learning Center is proud to have an outdoor classroom designed by the Outdoor Classroom Project (OCP) where our preschoolers spend time throughout the week. The OCP’s vision, that children benefit from spending more time outdoors and that they can learn as much outdoors as they can inside, is something that ECLC is proud to sustain.

Our preschoolers benefit from hands-on-learning experiences in our outdoor classroom through gardening, water play, mud play and dramatic play. Our outdoor classroom features a sustainable garden where our children can taste different fruits, vegetables and herbs, and an experimental garden, where they get to cultivate their green thumbs by planting their own items.

The outdoor classroom also contains a large water fixture, giving children the opportunity to play with water in various ways as well as work on science experiments, and explore a mud/sand sensory table. The stage allows the kids to dress up and put on theatrical performances or just be silly!

All of our teachers have received professional training from the Outdoor Classroom Project and work to incorporate the space into their weekly lessons. ECLC also provides enrichment classes that use the space, including a specific outdoor classroom enrichment class. 

Not enrolled for ECLC yet?

The first step is scheduling a tour with the ECLC office. We meet with parents for individual tours and are able to any and all questions you may have. The completion of your Application for Admission with $100 fee is the second step, that puts you on our list of potential incoming preschool families.

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