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Registration for our 8th through 12th-grade programs is now open!

Before Registering - Read Below

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  1. University Synagogue membership is required to attend our Religious School. Membership Renewal Forms were sent via email and mailed homes. They can also be found here. Both forms must be completed for attendance and admission.
  2. We cannot honor all friend requests but do our best to put your child in a class with at least one of their friends in their classes.
  3. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any classes until we have sufficient enrollment.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Religious School office at or 310.472.1255


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Post B'nei Mitzvah and Confirmation


Our exciting new Tichon program meets on Tuesday, 7:00 – 9:00 pm. Tichon is an elective-based program. The goal of the Tichon program is to further the student’s Jewish learning and dig deeper into subjects than we could before. Through these classes, we hope our students will learn how to read and learn from texts and how to integrate Jewish values into their lives. This is done through a large variety of topics and courses including; Netflix and Jew, Torah Stories we could teach you before, American Jewish History, Holocaust, Jewish film, Comparative Religion, and more. 

When you complete your registration, you will be asked to choose from a variety of electives. Students will meet weekly with their teacher online for 1 hour and complete hands-on projects they can do from home. The classes will include students from grades 8-12.

2020 Tichon Elective Options 

Tichon First Trimester:

J ews in Comedy - Study the history of Jews in comedy and then work to create an original piece

Torah and Art - we will read the early stories of Genesis and explore its themes and imagery. There will be rich discussions about the text and room to share personal ideas, insights, and imagery. Using these ideas we will create pieces of art

Gender Identity and Jewish Identity - this series explores topics in Judaism relating to sexual expression and identity 


Tichon Second Trimester:

Jewish Values and Social Justice - designed to both expose you to a variety of public policy issues and explore the Jewish values that inform the Reform Movement’s advocacy around these issues.

Song Leading - More than perhaps anything else in the Jewish world, music has the power to bring our community together in worship, celebration, and action.

 MIT - Madrichim in Training - Our 8th graders who wish to become Madrichim in our Religious School MUST participate in this training to learn leadership skills


Tichon Third Trimester:

Confirmation - Mandatory Class for 10th graders

Netflix and Jew- How are Jews portrayed in movies and television? Are the portraits accurate? What is the real history of Jews in Hollywood? Using popular television shows and movies, we will examine Jewish portrayal in the media

Hot Topics - Using current events, this elective course focuses on world and local issues that affect students’ everyday lives, such as economics, government and conflict. This class uses newspapers, online media, cartoons, and newscasts to

SATURDAY Alternative - Teen Mitzvah Corps - Saturday Monthly Meetings alternating between onsite learning and offsite activities


Madrichim Program

The Hebrew word madrich means leader or counselor.  It is derived from the word derech, which means path or way.  At University Synagogue, our post bnei mitzvah students have the opportunity to learn about leadership as they guide younger students along their Jewish educational path.  Madrichim at University Synagogue can work with specific grades, specialists, or in the Education Office.  In addition to “classroom time,” Madrichim will have an orientation and five meetings throughout the year to reflect on their work experiences and learn Jewish lessons of leadership.  If you have a 9-12th grader who is interested in becoming a madrich, please contact the Religious School ASAP at or 310.472.1255

8th grade Leadership Track

On Sunday mornings, 8th graders will come and spend time in the Religious School engaging in hands-on active leadership training. The morning will be spent in two different capacities: they will spend time doing leadership activities, games, discussions, and role-play scenarios. They will learn skills such as conflict resolution, balance, and stress management. The other part of the morning will be spent actually IN a Religious School classroom where they will assist teachers, lead activities, and get to put some of these skills to the test.

This program is designed to get students ready for the Madrichim program which begins in 9th grade. If you have an 8th grader who would like to be involved please contact the Religious School ASAP at or 310.472.1255.

Twinning Program for 8th graders

University Synagogue is participating in the Jewish Federation’s Tel Aviv/Los Angeles School Twinning Program, the only initiative in existence that connects schools in Los Angeles with schools in Tel Aviv. This powerful program has supported 60,000 students, parents, and faculty through jointly prepared curricula, teacher training, and delegation exchanges.

Middle school students from Los Angeles travel to Tel Aviv and students from Tel Aviv come to Los Angeles. Visiting students live with a host family and study history, literature, language, pluralistic Judaism, Zionism, and the sciences at their partner school. The cultural and educational exchange between students transforms school cultures, transcends the distance between Israel and L.A., and creates a shared Jewish identity and destiny.

There are currently 19 schools in Los Angeles, 19 in Tel Aviv, and one in the Baltics that are part of the program. This year, University Synagogue is joining a Los Angeles cluster with Temple Isaiah and Leo Baeck Temple, and together, we will be partnering with Ironi Yud Daled School in Tel Aviv. This cluster program is the embodiment of the Twinning Program’s ultimate goal: creating relationships and uniting Jewish communities around the world.


Our junior youth group for 6th-8th graders. JR UNITY is an opportunity for middle-school students to spend time together socially and to make our world a better place. JR UNITY is open to all 6th-8th grade students - there is no fee to join. Come to one of our events and let us know what you want to do this year!  Calendar available in September.


Our Synagogue’s Youth Group (9th-12th grade) is complete with a dynamic leadership team and enthusiastic members who are seeking to create fun and exciting programs for the synagogue youth.  From Havdalah on the beach, creative Shabbat services, laser tag, and sleepover, regional wide weekend events at Camp Hess Kramer to a limo scavenger hunt around Los Angeles, UNITY covers all of your social, cultural and religious needs.  UNITY also takes social action seriously as we are creating opportunities to help clean up the environment and fight the genocide in Sudan.  Come join UNITY and be a part of a life-changing group.  Calendar available in September.


Outside of the synagogue:

URJ Camp Newman

Union for Reform Judaism's (URJ) camping institute has provided positive reinforcement for Jewish growth and development. The creation of a Jewish living experience in a natural community setting has touched the minds, spirits, and souls of several generations.  The moment campers reach our gates, they enter a very special world where everyone feels a sense of connection, community, and mishpachah (family). The individual spirit is nourished in a physically, psychologically, and emotionally safe environment. This unique setting, combined with fun, friendships, and a lifetime of positive memories, enables us to foster Judaism in a magnificent manner: which has inspired hundreds of young people to become Rabbis, Educators, Cantors, Jewish professionals, and lay leaders in congregations and Jewish organizations. Visit Camp Newman's website by clicking here for more information.  Scholarships are available – speak to one of our synagogue staff.

URJ Mitzvah Corps

Mitzvah Corps connects Jewish teens with immersive social action opportunities across North America, Central America, and Israel. Alongside a group of committed peers and our dedicated staff, volunteer with grassroots organizations that provide participants with unique hands-on experiences and a deeper understanding of the major issues facing their communities. Spend your summer building lifelong relationships while obtaining the skills to play an active role in making our world a better place. If you want to make a difference, Mitzvah Corps wants you! Click here for more information on URJ Mitzvah Corps. Scholarships are available – speak to one of our synagogue staff.

March of the Living

March of the Living is an international educational program that brings Jewish teens from all over the world to Poland on Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Memorial Day), to march from Auschwitz to Birkenau, the largest concentration camp complex built during World War II, and then to Israel to observe Yom HaZikaron (Israel Memorial Day) and Yom Ha'Atzma’ut (Israel Independence Day). The goal of the March of the Living is for these young people to learn the lessons of the Holocaust and to lead the Jewish people into the future vowing Never Again.  Each year the Los Angeles Bureau for Jewish Education sends a special delegation of Los Angeles high school students on this powerful trip.  The University Synagogue Sisterhood offers a special scholarship for this program.  Keep your eyes open for more information as it becomes available. Get involved by visiting the website for March of the Living here, and be sure to speak to one of our synagogue staff regarding various organization scholarships.

NFTY in Israel – Summer Trips

Hike, climb, discover, and explore with new friends from across the continent. Return home with endless personal accomplishments, meaningful memories, and stories you'll never forget.  For 50 years, thousands of families have chosen NFTY for more than a promise of a thrilling summer. NFTY programs have transformed more than 27,000 young people by turning a spark of interest into a summer of exciting challenges, wonderful new friends, and a lifelong involvement with Judaism.  More than 350 synagogues, 19 youth regions, numerous Jewish camps, Jewish Federations, and communities annually turn to NFTY to provide the ultimate teen travel experience.  Each bar/bat mitzvah student at University Synagogue will receive a $250 gift certificate for this program, learn more about the program on their website. Scholarships are available – speak to one of our synagogue staff.

URJ Heller High - Formerly Eisendrath International Exchange (EIE)

URJ Heller High is a meaningful academic program designed especially for highly motivated teens looking for deeper insight into Israel, Jewish Identity, and themselves.

Heller High is based on Kibbutz Tzuba, nestled in the Judean Hills, approximately fifteen minutes outside of Jerusalem, where the students live in dorm-style housing. While at Heller High, our students become immersed in the study of the history, culture, and Land of Israel. Scholarships are available – speak to one of our synagogue staff.

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